Sweta Jha

Sweta Jha is Singapore's leading Madhubani Art & Craft specialist. She is the founder and director of Ttitli Iterations Pte Ltd. Her organization is on the forefront of propagating products and services related to Madhubani art with focus on Asia Pacific region.


Sweta pursues her passion using brush-strokes and myriad colors, exhibiting them on various objects and surfaces such as canvas, fabric, handmade paper, handicrafts, personal accessories. She has held many art exhibitions and workshops in Singapore and abroad. She also conducts training programs for budding artists and young kids.

Sweta Jha是新加坡领先的马杜巴尼绘画专家。她是Ttitli Iterations Pte Ltd.的创始人兼董事。公司在推广和传播马杜巴尼艺术相关产品方面,一直处于最前沿。公司将亚太地区视为一个重要的业务区域。




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