Impression of Three Islands 《三岛情怀》 三岛。一展。四十幅画 在第四次个展中,他着手画的这三个岛(婆罗洲,新加坡和英国)的风景。40幅水彩画,描绘的场景从砂拉越的狭小甘榜小屋,加东的迷人老土生华人房屋到康沃尔郡的系泊小船等等。


Three Islands. One Show. Forty Paintings For my 4th solo exhibition, he set out to paint scenes and landscapes on these three islands- Borneo, Singapore and Britain, hence the title of this exhibition. The results are 40 watercolor paintings depicting scenes ranging from slit kampong huts in Sarawak, charming old Peranakan houses in Katong, to little moored boats in Cornwall, and more.

Marvin Chew: Impression Of Three Islands

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